Thursday, August 19, 2010

State 1431H Nasyid, Berzanji and Marhaban Fest

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eid ul Fitr promotion from Mama’s Choc

Do you like chocolate? What about having for yourself or for the guest during this festive Raya. Special promotion from newly-opened hand-made chocolate store, Mama’s Choc.

For now they offers discount for this cute Aqwa Black & White RM 50 RM 45 only for 50 pieces and RM 100 RM 80 for 100 pieces.

aqwa black and white

They also offers variety of hand-made chocolate for various purposes such as wedding, birthday, anniversary or it can be used as a gift to your love one.

wedding gift from as low as RM 80aqwa_hantaran1i

aqwa rose for RM 1.50 per pieces

aqwa gift set for RM 60 only

and lots more. Just check their online store at for more lovely design.

Contact person:
Mr. Mizi - 0196953466
Mrs. Nurul – 0196428928

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Welcome and thank you.

Imsak and Iftar time @ Negeri Sembilan (2010 / 1431H)

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslim all over the world. May god bless you all. Here I attached daily Imsak and Iftar time time table for our reference (of course it's only for local use only ;-)..)

Imsak and Iftar time @ Negeri Sembilan (2010 / 1431 H)

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kuih Udang Alor Gajah

I used to live in Johol and the nearest town to hang up with is Tampin. This one is my favourite when I go there. Now, whenever I go to Tampin I will make sure to stop here and reminisce the good time.

Located at Arked Mara Tampin, in between the bus terminal and Tampin Square as the signboard can be spotted easily by passerby.

They also offer clean and visible food stall as we can see how the prepared the menu.


The kuih udang is not alone in the plate. It also accompanied by tempe, bean curd, bean sprout, chicken and what make it super duper delicious is the sauce.


I still dont know the origin of this Kuih Udang actually. Judging from the name, it's easy to say that this is from Malacca. I'll try to do some more research about this and will update it later. As for now, enjoy the pic!!!