Friday, July 9, 2010

Ayam Panggang Kenyalang

This one my favourite menu especially when my mum decide to relieve herself from cooking. It tooks about 5 minutes drive from my home to reach here, quite near isn't it? Ayam Panggang Kenyalang Seremban branch is located at Jalan Seremban – Pantai near the Singgahsana Resipi previously written here.
There’s not much of choice here, but I can guarantee you. Their niche is the best.
While you waiting for the food to be served you can watch how they prepare the grilled chicken.
kitchen1 kitchen2
The waiting man ladies, smile but hungry. From left Viruspadu, Churalliya and Wildcutecat

Here come the food…We enjoy the food, you enjoy the pic ya ^_^…
nasi ayam ayam2
They also have other branches at this location :-
  1. Restauran Ayam Panggang Kenyalang Jalan Jelebu, Ampangan Seremban
  2. Restauran Aji Melang, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan
  3. Restauran Ayam Panggang Kenyalang Taman Permai, Seremban
  4. Cawangan Ayam Panggang Kenyalang, Family Store, Sikamat Seremban.
  5. Restauran Ayam Panggang Kenyalang, Medan Selera Taman Semarak, Nilai (updated at 25th Oct 2010)
For more info please call : En Awang : 0172135549 email: blog :

How to get there???
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