Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Singgahsana Resepi

Located at Jalan Pantai (Seremban – Jelebu), Singgahsana Resepi (recipe) is newly opened restaurant worth to try to.

Spacious car park are available although I’m not sure that it is belong to the restaurant or not.

If you can see there’re car wash and Petronas station nearby for those who wish to wash their car while enjoying the meal or pump their gas after eating.

There’re also fruit stall here if you want to take home some tropical fruit.

And here are the menu. There are western and asian cuisine to be pick. FYI, western food also served here as early as noon rather than after 3 pm like other restaurant.

Special menu here. Dare to try???


Lucky me I was accompanied by fellow blogger, Mekchu and Wildcutecat.

You can see the kitchen from your seat and make sure that the food is cleanly prepared.

This is my choice. Nasi Goreng Public Phone (Public Phone Fried Rice). Quite unique name isn’t it??

This is Wildcutecat’s choice, Cajun Grilled Chicken.

Singgahsana will be opened daily from noon to midnight. It also provide catering services for wedding, birthday and others.

Contact Number:
En. Saiful - 0172029272
Chef Fairuz - 0102318213
Chef Yusoff – 0172104434

How to get here???

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mekchu said...

nice spot rim.. hehehe..
recommended to try... nasi public phone mmg sodap!!

Keyn said...

i pn org negeri jgk..hmm npk mcm sdap je:)'