Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baso Nogoghi lesson II

Mencicit – fast, speedy
Baso : Mencicit Karim lari kono koja dek anjing.
Malay : Laju Karim lari dikejar anjing.
English : Karim run as fast as he can

Ongap – breath, breathing, gulp of air, inhalation 
Baso : Karim lari sampai tak cukup ongap eh.
Malay : Karim lari sampai tak cukup nafas.
English : The run makes Karim breath heavily.

Poie – go, going, gone
Baso : Kau nak poie mano?
Malay : Kau nak pergi mana?
English : Where are you going?

Baso nogohi is local dialect mainly used by native citizens. It’s originally came from Kingdom of Pagaruyung at West Sumatra. While the original Bahasa Minangkabau is far more different from Malay language, the modern one is recognised by replacing vocal ‘a’ and ‘e’ with ‘o’ in some word. For example bahasa (bahaso/language), besar (bosa/big), kecik (kocik/small) etc.