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1. Bengkinang Homestay

Located in Kampung Tapak, Kuala Pilah, this homestay is famous for the local youths’ presentation of Randai, Rentak Kuda, Cak Lempong as well as traditional dancers. These are complimented by the ‘Tarian Sewang’ presented by the Aboriginal community. Visitors have the ‘Panglima Manggis’ floating stage. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in the traditional games of ‘Kelereng’, ‘Tarik Upih’ or the lure out the ‘Wak-wak’ birds during the night.


Visitors will be able to picnic at the scenic Jeram Tengkek which is a short distance from Homestay Laman Bangkinang. Here, bicycle also provided for visitors to ride around the village.


2. FBEST Homestay

Located in Serting Hilir, Jempol, F’Best Homestay focus on agro-tourism. Host families participating in the homestay program are FELDA pioneer setters. Although many of the houseshave undergone changes, the unique tradition is still apparent especially as indicated by the decor as well as the hospitality of the locals.

Visitors will be served a welcome drink named ‘Air Jando Pulang’ which is a speciality of Negeri Sembilan’s homestays.

Visitors have a variety of activities to keep them busy such as fishing for the ‘Puyu’ fish, rubber tapping, harvesting the oil-palm fruit and ‘Petanque’. Fresh water fish cooked in Negeri Sembilan is an essential dish to be served to the visitors of this homestay.

Mansor Isa
(Hp): +60195175327

Azlina Radzali
Tel. (R): +6064685424
(Hp): +60192546360

3. Lonek Homestay

vm--lonek3 lonek
Located in Jempol, Negeri Sembilan, Homestay Lonek is surrounded by paddy field and clear streams of culture activities included the chanting and singing of Marhaban, Berzanji and Berendoi to the musical accompaniment rendered by the village’s own cultural group. House in this homestay retain their traditional features.

vm--lonek vm--lonek2

This kampong, a winner of the K-Bestari (smart village) Awards, boast of its own premises for the production of breads, noodles, bean-curd, soy sauce and tempe (fermented soya beans). Visitors will be able to visit this premises.

Hajah Badariah Ahmad
Tel. (R): +6064544163
(Hp): +60192871410

Nor Asiah bt. Haron
Tel. (R): +6064985227
(Hp): +60126915482

4. Pelegong Homestay

pelegongLocated a mere 16 km from Seremban town. Homestay Pelegong is the kampong homestay established in Negeri Sembilan. The first attraction if this homestay is the emphasis in Malay culture as well as the beauty of natural suroundings.

vm---pelegong1   vm---pelegong2

Each visitor will receive a warm welcome by the homestay family. During the fruit season, visitors will be able to savour the delicious local fruits. During their stay, visitors are served with the Negeri Sembilan famed cuisine namely the ‘ Masak Lemak Cili Padi’- a hot dist birds eye’s chilies with coconut milk.

They will be entertained by a musical rendition of ‘Cak Lempong’. Outdoor-oriented visitor will be able to go jungle-tracking in Hutan Lipur Galla. Visitor will be get the opportunity to learn how to make local handicraft such as cane.

After visitor have traveled through the kampung, they will find the Jeram Tebrau waterfall refreshingly ‘immigrating’. At the end of their stay, visitors are bid farewell with a gift comprising local delicacies in a locally-made container as a taken of appreaciation as well as a moments of his stay.

Pn.Fatimah Basiron
Tel. (R): +60133954189

Redjuan Bin Hj.Said
Tel. (R): +6067914299
(Hp): +60196749499

5. Gemas Homestay

gemasHomestay Gemas comprises 4 kampungs located close together namely Kg. Londah, Kg. Ulu Ladang, Kg. Ladang and Kg. Bangkahulu.

Tourist attractors include the historical remains of afort (Tugu Peringatan Sg. Kelamah), the Tuah-Tun Teja pass, scenic paddy fields and beautiful handicrafts.

This homestay also make available traditional delicacies as ‘Kuih Tat Seberang’ and pure wild honey too the tempt the testbuds of the visitors.

A camp site by the river is located at this homestay facilities at the Danau Kubang camp site by the Sungai Muar include a changing room, futsal court and the open hall.

En.Mohamed Haris b Jantan
Tel. (R): +6079481143
(Hp): +60127971878

En Azman
Tel. (R): +60126346847

6. Other Homestay

Kg. Tapak, Batu Kikir
Abdullah b. Hassan
Tel. (R): +6064983110
(Hp): +60122752234

Udin bin Sulihan
(Hp): +60173116227

Pachitan, Port Dickson
En. Bunandar Bin Bakat
Tel. (R): +6066581202
(Hp): +60126075597

En. Samad Bin Mat Yassin
(Hp): +60166873791

Batang Nyamor, Rembau
En Abd Rahman B Mohd Yusof
Tel. (R): +60136543746
(Hp): +6064383828

Klawang, Jelebu
Pn. Siti Hawa Binti Ab. Mukti
Tel. (R): +60123364301
(Hp): +6066136690

Kamarulzaman Bin Abd. Latif
(Hp): +60193969862

(photo source : Virtual Malaysia)
(photo source : Google)
(contact info source :
Go 2 Homestay)


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