Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Salam 1 Negeri Sembilan

Hi all,

First and foremost I would like to say please forgive my English. I will used English in all my writing and I really hope that readers, locally and globally (perhaps) can understand what I try to convey.

Here using this blog, I will try my best to provide information about Negeri Sembilan for your reference. Various kind of information such as celebrations, culture, business directory, eating places, events, government, history, identity, info, language, news, politics, promotions, recipes, religions, sports, tourist spots and tradition can be acquired here gradually. Your suggestions and comments are warmly welcome in order to improve this blog from time to time.

I will mainly used source from my own experience as I’ve travelled across the state throughout years of my life. Info from others source will be quoted and credited properly to ensure everybody deserved some acknowledgement for their hard work.

That’s all for now. Please enjoy yourself here!!!


hazarimi ♥ said...

im proud to be sembilanese =)
keep up the good work ya!


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